Brad McClain

Josh Hawkins

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Chad Bartie

Jordan Hoffart

Birthplace:  Australia

Sponsors:  Viking, Powell-Peralta, Osiris, Ergo, Theeve Trucks, Bones Wheels, Armourdillo,  Arma

Resides: Encinitas, CA

Stance: Regular

Years skating: 13

Music: It all has its place.

Movies: Legend of Bagavance.

Famous last words: The best is yet to be.

Top Skater: Erik Ellington


Birthplace: Maple Ridge, BC

Sponsors:  Viking, Bones Bearings, Quiksilver,  Active, Theeve Trucks, Isis, 9five.

Resides: Encinitas CA

Stance: Goofy

Years skating: 9

Music: classic rock, metal

Movies: hot tube time machine, pineapple express, shutter island, remember me, anchor man, garden state.

Famous last words:  "Whatever you do in this life will be insignificant... But it's important you do it."

– Ghandi

Top Skater: Bryan Herman





Birthplace: Livermore, CA

Sponsors:  Viking, Baker, Thunder, Spitfire, Emerica.

Resides: Camarillo, CA

Years skating: 10

Stance: Regular

Music: Hate country

Movies:  The Big Lebowski

Famous last words:  "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it." Bruce Lee.

Top Skater: Guy Mariano






Birthplace: Phoenix,  AZ

Sponsors:  Viking, Powell-Peralta, Pulse Boardshop, BONES WHEELS, Dekline

Resides: Glendale,  AZ

Years skating: 20

Stance: Regular

Music: Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock, and anything else with energy

Movies: Kill Bill, Labyrinth

Famous last words: "It is Finished." Christ Jesus

Top Skater: Mark Gonzales