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Identity / Collateral (proposed)

Viking Skateboards


Viking Skateboards was founded in 1998 with the objective of providing the best skateboarding and action sports gear and clothing. The company embraces the landscape of skateboarding and the lifestyle that surrounds it. They also design and produce unique, high-performance consumer products. Viking Skateboards has remained an independent, family-owned and operated business. The company explores the collaboration between culture and sport by seamlessly joining art, music, street wear, and skateboarding. Their mission is to bring all things relevant to the urban, action sports lifestyle into one creative space.


There are strong ties between skateboarding and graffiti because the roots of both cultures are based upon the streets. They are two of the rawest forms of self-expression. Therefore, the concept is to create an identity and collateral pieces that would capture the essence of skateboarding and the board culture while bringing in elements of graffiti. This is evident in the spray-painted texture of the logo and its imperfect quality along with the typographic solution that is reminiscent of the slopes/slants in skate parks.

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